Rics Homebuyer Surveys (Level 2)

At Ashton Lee Surveyors, we provide Homebuyer Reports for domestic customers in Essex and London.

Planning to buy a property?

A Homebuyer Survey is a less extensive report than a Level 3 Building Survey, and covers the inside and outside of the building, the services, utilities and the site. The report will provide you with enough information to help you decide whether or not to proceed with your purchase.

Your local property surveyors

The report is recommended if the property you want to buy appears to be in reasonable condition, is less than 100 years old and hasn’t already been significantly altered. For further information, feel free to contact our surveyors today.

Includes market valuation

The report is not a detailed survey of every aspect of the property and focuses only on urgent matters. Unlike a Building Survey, it includes a market valuation to help you decide if youโ€™re paying a reasonable price.

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